A Titanic Wedding

Being a fan of the amazing story and history of the ship The Titanic, doing a wedding photo-shoot here was one to remember! The Titanic Hotel wowed me with it’s stunning interior and replica of the staircase from on-board the Titanic ship itself, as seen in the featured picture above and the pictures below.

On this photo-shoot it was the same team from the Inglewood manor shoot. Photo’s from both photo-shoots made it into wedding magazines this month. This particular one is in Love Our Wedding Magazine, January 2018 issue. Here is the feature:

Titanic mag feature

I loved creating beautiful, elegant, modern hairstyles on these models. When doing bridal hair I take into account the whole look which includes your dress and the theme for your wedding. I create a style bespoke to you by listening to your wants and needs and visually looking at what suits you. To get your wedding hair quote from me please get in touch.

Here’s some more great photos from this shoot:

To finish off this blog here’s a action silhouette shot of me hard at work hairdressing: Photo by Stephen Walker Photography

Look out for my next blog on the Queen Hotel Chester photo-shoot.

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