Balayage, Hair colouring, Hair makeovers

Balayage Hair Colouring

Balayage hair colouring techinque has really taken off this year! It’s has been popular for some time now but I have seen a definite increase in popularity the year of 2018.

It has been the most asked for hair colour from my clients these past few months. Here’s some of my recent balayage technique work:

I love to create the balayage look, it’s so creative and there’s many different types of balayage looks to create. I have also done what I call reverse balayage. This is when the hair is already blonde or light enough all over and to create the balayage look I need to create the roots with a darker colour or close to the clients natural colour (which ever is preferable to my client). This can be a little more challenging to create but I do love a challenge!

I think people are going for this look not only because it’s in fashion and on trend but because it’s easy to maintain. You tend to get a longer period of time before needing those roots touching up. Which is ideal for those who find it difficult to make time to see their hairdresser. If you would like me to create your perfect colour then get in touch and I will be happy to help.

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